Traveling Vineyard: Be Your Own Boss

If you are a person who loves wine and needs to make some money, then Traveling Vineyard is for you. Traveling Vineyard is a company that lets you host wine tasting events and pays you commission from the orders you get during these events. The best part is that the more orders you get, the higher the percent of commission. You can make up to 35% commission. Another great option is that you can work when you want to. You set up the wine tasting events for the days and times you are available. So if you have a full-time job already, you can work around those hours and what Traveling Vineyard knows.

There are people who work full-time but don’t have any money in the bank after all the bills are paid for the month. This is a chance to make a little extra money to help out for holiday spending or birthdays. Working for Traveling Vineyard can help take some of the financial strain away and read full article.

All you have to do is sign up and pay a small fee to essentially have your own business. This small fee gets you your wine inventory for the events and your very own website. Once you have your events, you will start to get orders from the tasters at the events. Once you get their first order, customers can reorder wine from your website. Eventually, you will be making passive earnings from repeat orders online as well as earnings from the events and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.

There is no penalty for not reaching a minimum of sales. If you are a person who just wants to make a little extra money or just wants to make this a hobby, you will just stay at the base percent. You don’t get docked any money or any other penalties. If you wanted to just work 5 days a week or one day a month you could do that. This is a great opportunity to own your own business with Traveling Vineyard.

For more information on this wonderful invitation, please visit On their site, you will be able to see all the different wines and even meet the wine guides and resume their.

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