The Academy Of Art University School Of Architecture Director Discusses ADA Principles And Codes

In a YouTube video that is on the Academy of Art University channel, executive director of the School of Architecture at the Academy of Art University Mimi Sullivan, talks about how the university works with designing affordable housing, as well as, offices spaces and retail development. In the video that is titled: ADA principles and codes with Mimi Sullivan, she discussed with architecture students about their design work and the principles and codes that they need to follow.

Sullivan explained that design should follow ADA guidelines. The design needs to fit any mobile, visual, and auditory challenges a person may have. She also says that there are codes that architecture students should know; however, they are based by state. These codes include building codes. ADA codes and principles have been set for all architects that design buildings such as retail, restaurants, schools, and hospitals for people who have disabilities.

Sullivan suggests that the students at the Academy of Art University School of Architecture design rooms and buildings that will be useful to people with disabilities. Outlets and countertops should always be accessible for people in wheelchairs, as well as, water fountains and hand dryers. She adds that designing a building that can be utilized by everyone is mandatory. Students are encouraged to think about how their designs can be beneficial for a diversity of people.

The Academy of Art University is a school that is located in San Francisco, California. The school helps students develop their artistic abilities. The university that was founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 offers many different courses that include acting, architecture, fashion, animation, and visual effects, as well as, fine art. The Academy of Art University enables students to have a hands-on learning experience so they can achieve the best education about the field they are pursuing.