Talk Fusion Exemplifies Best-In-Class Direct Selling And Video Marketing Services

Talk Fusion, a global service provider based in both the U.S. and India, provides best-in-class direct selling and video marketing services. It also provides top-of-the-line video email products to its marketplaces around the world. The company has recently opened an office in Delhi to meet the growing demands of its commercial users.


Hailed as one of the most innovative software of its kind in the world, the continued success of Talk Fusion furthers the company’s reach into 140 countries.


Because the company’s leadership and its workforce in the U.S. and in India understand the high demand for Talk Fusion’s products and services can be beneficial to their marketplaces, they can see how important a dedicated support system is to the global company’s rapid growth.


Bob Reina, the industrious founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has expertly led the opening the global company’s 2nd office in India and has overseen what video messages could do for the Indian marketplaces around the world. Moreover, the former police-officer-turned-entrepreneur and his industrious colleagues have collectively centered a company culture around success of their India-based office to serve better many businesses based in other countries.


After the company’s expansion into India, it has quickly become one of the world’s leaders in providing services for direct selling and video marketing, making a huge impact on the many marketplaces it serves.


From Live Meetings, powered by WebRTC-based technology, to providing communication services, Talk Fusion’s exemplifies the best product and services programs with which to optimize video chat, video email products, and video newsletters.



Talk Fusion: What You Need To Know

The company affords businesses (including marketing professionals) around the world the opportunity to:



  • 1. Engage with potential customers
  • 2. Collect useful analytical data
  • 3. Effortlessly close sales
  • 4. Increase their revenues and sales
  • 5. Quickly grow customer and fan loyalty
  • 6. Easily retain customer and fan loyalty
  • 7. Incorporate videos into promotional email
  • 8. And much more!


Some of its commercial users tend to like its conferencing software, others prefer its generous affiliate program for the Video Suite software with which they have been afforded the opportunity to earn a generous commission for the sale of each dashboard tool suite and unique prizes such as Rolex watches and diamond jewelry.


In essence, Talk Fusion exemplifies the standard for direct selling and video marketing services against which its competitors are compared. Learn more: