Steve Lesnard On How to Market Products in Today’s Online World

According to Steve Lesnard, the emergence of new and more dynamic social and web-based mediums have changed the way companies and organizations choose to market their products.

The emerging choices come with many benefits, but when not properly leveraged, they can prove to be counterproductive. For a brand to enjoy success in its marketing efforts, it will need to place its customer needs at the forefront of its digital marketing strategy.

He goes on to add that a successful product launch is one that is able to clearly highly how the product will benefit the user. Consumers want to know how using or acquiring a certain product will help improve their lives, or provide them with value.

The following two principles are vital, for a product introduction to succeed:

For Consumers to Remember It, ensure that It Is Simplified

Steve Lesnard goes ahead to quote Walt Disney who said that the best thing that one can do would be to ensure that the storyline was correct. What this means is that when making a product introduction, make sure to articulate the benefits consumers will gain from it.

This will require you to highlight what is different in your product, what improvements are there, and how you consider it the best product. To many, this may seem like a simple thing to do, but the reality is that this will not be an easy task.

For you to simplify, you will need your team to concentrate on the relevant and innovative features that they need to communicate. Steve Lesnard points out that at this point, you will need to choose a lane and put your faith in it, hoping that everything will work out fine.

To Make It Real, You Will Need to Bring It to Life

The final principle is one centered on the customer experience that you seek to bring to life. This can only happen once you have made a decision on the storyline to use, and the lane to follow in the product introduction.

Steve Lesnard highlights this by asking three important questions: how would a consumer use it? what will they need it for? And how does the item make you look?

You can easily highlight these elements using mediums that can resonate with your audience.