Securus Technologies Redefining Innovation in the Field of Crime Prevention and Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies is a name synonymous with innovation and modernization as it has completely transformed the correctional industry in the past three decades. The company has developed and launched many different products that were thought to be impossible earlier on, but Securus Technologies made it possible through its sheer determination to take the lead and modernize the correctional sphere. The company is amongst the oldest in the sector and has a pool of well-known industry experts on investigative technology, inmate communications, crime prevention technology, and more.
Securus Technologies has been able to make tremendous progress, especially in the last few years due to the rapid progress made by the company after it started its technology center in Dallas, Texas, where the company also has its headquarters. Rick Smith, Chief Executive Officer, of Securus Technologies welcomed the investors and the customers of the company at the technology center in Dallas. The invitation is meant to help people check out the progress made by the company’s scientific team in developing new age products and services for inmate communications, investigative technology, crime prevention, and more.
Over the years, Securus Technologies has won many awards in the industry, and one of the most prestigious awards that the company recently won is the Gold Stevie Awards. The company won the award for the best customer service after beating over two thousand other companies from across the globe. Moreover, the company managed to bag the award in this highly competitive category in the first time it participated, which showcases the high standards the company has been maintaining in serving its customers from the very beginning. Securus Technologies is hopeful about the research and development initiatives that are underway at the company’s Technology Center in Dallas. The company hopes to bring new, efficient, and economical products and services for inmate communications and crime prevention technology.