How the Government Used Barbara Stokes’ Company to Control Hurricane Harvey

Barbara Stokes leads a construction company called Green Structure Homes as the President and the CEO. During the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey that took place in August 2017, Green Structured Homes (GSH), with its top manager, Barbara Stokes were so instrumental in the evacuation and resettlement process of the families that were affected by the hurricane. The participation of the company was in the form of rebuilding the homes of the affected people as well as facilitating with temporary settlement to the victims before they could go back to their areas of residence after the storm. Green Structured Homes provided its professional engineers who were mandated by the federal government to aid in the resettlement of these families in temporary homes that could provide temporary shelter and safety during the time of the crisis. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The main method that the federal government had recommended and prepared the disaster management team was the construction of FEMA trailers. These were container-like structures that were portable and could be relocated depending on the current geographical condition. These FEMA trailers had been introduced during the previous floods disaster of Katrina, and they were very useful in the process of relocating the affected people. However, in spite of the benefits yielded from the pilot project of the government, the trailers had been associated with health to the inhabitants. More than 11,000 health cases were reported to the government by the inhabitants of these trailers, which prompted the government health team to engage in research in the quest to unravel the cause of those volumes of cases.


To no surprise, it was discovered that the FEME trailers had been built of low-quality materials which emitted some intoxicants that exposed the inhabitants of the structures to severe health conditions. As a result, the Congress recommended that the quality of the structures to be improved to curb such cases that could have occurred in the future. That’s when Barbara Stokes presented his company, Green Structure Homes, which she co-owns alongside her husband. The company, using its well-skilled engineers and artisans, designed a new form of trailers that had enhanced ventilation and even more spacious and portable. These went a long way contributing to the improved management of Hurricane Harvey. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Hussain Sajwani’s Success as DAMAC Owner and CEO

Hussain Sajwani, a property developer, is a billionaire from the Arabian world born in the 1950’s. He is DAMAC Properties’ founder and owner. Hussain was born to entrepreneurial parents. Through a government scholarship, the DAMAC owner joined the University of Washington where he specialized in industrial engineering and economics. After university studies, he worked in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries before starting a catering venture and later establishing DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties began in 2002. It is one of the leading luxury real estate dealer companies in Dubai. It has had successful projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Jeddah, Doha and many more cities. DAMAC Properties has expanded into the broader Middle East and the United Kingdom. The company’s work cannot be equaled. It is one of the reasons for its success and popularity.

Hussain’s real estate company has more than 2000 employees. It has overseen more than 20880 homes to completion. The Dubai Financial Market trades its shares too. Through Hussain Sajwani, the company also has several joint –venture developments and subsidiaries such as Nine Elms Property Limited, Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, and Aykon Maldives Resort. The DAMAC owner also invests in various establishments through his investment known as DICO Investments Co LLC (began in 1992).

It is entirely accurate to say that any company is as good as its owner. DAMAC Properties has Hussain Sajwani as its chairman who has vast expertise in the property development areas as well as a profound knowledge and experience in financial investment and management. He has contributed much to the company’s fast growth and to gain a world’s recognition as one of the best luxury real estate developers.

Being one of the best, DAMAC Properties has received many awards throughout the years for its various achievements in diverse property development areas. It has won the Construction Week Awards 2017, Forces Top Real Estate Companies in The Arab World Awards in 2016 and many others. The DAMAC owner was ranked as number 15 on the Power 50 list of the CEO Middle East Awards 2017. He also received the Property CEO of the Year Award from the CEO Middle East Awards 2017.

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In Pursuit of Greatness: Organo Gold Coffee

Organo Gold, a premier coffee maker, has manifested into a global powerhouse thanks to its wide variety of products and services. This Canadian-based brand is taking health and wellness to a whole new level. One of the major differentiating factors of this company is that it’s a network marketing company. Organo Gold is always looking for ambitious-minded individuals to become a part of the team. By joining the team, you’ll become a distributor for the company’s products. Yes, there are up to seven different ways individuals can get paid. You, the distributor, will purchase the products at wholesale and then sell them for pure profit. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold has distributors in up to 50 different countries. This company has surely implemented a blueprint to success that others should follow. Promoting health and wellness is the main goal. You will not find too many other coffee companies that are willing to go the extra mile. Organo Gold is a standout in a sense because it’s loyal, it has a purpose, and it uses organic ingredients. What would a health and wellness company be without the use of actual organic ingredients? This is why so many other companies tend to miss the mark.


Bernardo Chua has developed a very impressive system. Being the founder of Organo Gold, he has led this exclusive team straight to the top of the ranks. The company’s growth can be felt in Europe, in Canada, in Asia and in the United States of America. View Organo Gold’s profile on

HCR Wealth Advisors Education on Personalized Financial Solutions

The finance world is dynamic, and it is currently not the same as it was 20 years ago. Therefore, it is vital to understand the latest trends and industry patterns. The increased dynamism provides not only opportunities for more gains but also exposure to new, and often riskier, sectors of the market. Today, proper data analysis is therefore more important and essential for individual financial goals. The current outstanding economic data in 2018 and projections for years to come appear to be optimistic and promising. The data shows that the economy of the United States is strengthening. Many stock investors enjoyed huge gains in 2017 since S&P 500 brought a 21.7% return, including dividend reinvestment.

Additionally, the policy of the Central Bank has also helped the financial industry. The interest rates in 2017 increased by three times and this trend is likely to occur again in 2018. However, it is not a guarantee that the market will see more stock market success in 2018. It is interesting to note that 2018 has been predicted to be the most volatile year since 2008. The environment provides substantial geopolitical risk which could interfere with the market and increase its volatility. Using a proper personalized investment strategy can render volatility an investor’s best friend. A personalized financial strategy is important in surviving the volatile economic environment. HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, provides its clients with tailored financial advice as well as strategies meant to enable the clients to accomplish their financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The firm collaborates with its clients on suitable investment strategies. The firm gives its clients access to different investment opportunities that have different return and risk profiles. The main objective of HCR Wealth Advisors is to promote both open and transparent relationships in which clients are better informed of all the available investment alternatives with an understanding of the merits and downsides of each alternative for each of their clients. View HCR Wealth’s career history here.

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The Talk Fusion App Revolutionizes the Way People Communicate

It is evident that necessity has always been the mother of all inventions. With that said, the likes of Bob Reina have been able to identify the various forms of necessity that have presented themselves over time. As for Bob Reina, he recognized that people needed to send large videos through email. There and then, he never hesitated, he developed an application known as Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion came to life in 2007 with the sole aim of making sure that businesses would keep up with the ever rising competition that arises day in day out. Through Talk Fusion, businesses have been able to up their marketing game since the application enables them to engage their clientele in a better manner through the use of video. Over the years, Talk Fusion has also been able to find its way through the international market. As of now, Talk Fusion is present in more than 140 countries, and they have also incorporated a video chat app of late.


The Features of the App


The app has various features that make sure that it is user-friendly and very convenient to use. As a result, your company may be able to use the cutting edge technology to stay ahead of their competition. The application can be accessed through the Google Play Store and iTunes. As for the iOS users, the app is compatible with the iOS 7 operating system among others. The application can be accessed through gadgets such as iPhones, iPods and iPads. As for the Android operating system, the app is compatible with the 4.4.3 android system or any other new Android operating system.


Talk Fusion’s primary product is the video email feature. The video email feature allows businesses to connect with other individuals across the globe. Through the Talk Fusion app, the user can send video email messages directly from their various gadgets, be it Android or even Apple while interacting with others. As a result, through the Talk Fusion app, businesses can engage in video marketing regardless of their location.




Video email has proved to be of great value. By use of video emails, even the clientele can note that there is seriousness in the business at hand. The seriousness arises from the fact that a video email is set to capture the attention of the recipient as previously anticipated. Moreover, through a video email, there might be more interaction which is always good for business.


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HCR Wealth Advisors Keeping Your Future Financially Secure

If you are facing trouble and confusion in planning your finances, then maybe a professional financial planner would be able to help guide you. If you are in Los Angeles and want  good service, make sure that you consult about any financial matter with HCR Wealth Advisors. They have years of experience in the issue of providing wealth management and financial planning services to its clients. The primary aim of the company has always been clients’ complete satisfaction, and it is due to this focus and commitment for the client that HCR Wealth Advisors have a high client retention rate in the business as well.

HCR Wealth Advisors have experienced investment and financial planners on its management team, and they help the clients understand how to manage their finances. It is not an easy job to do that, but with the years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the current market trends, they can provide the results that the clients are looking for. Managing finances in today’s date can be difficult, but with the help of professional financial advisors, it can be easily achieved.

HCR Wealth Advisors was established in the year 1988 and has served many clients successfully over the years.

According to, HCR Wealth Advisors believes that it is necessary for the clients to start planning their finances at a very early age or as soon as they start making money. It would help with long-term wealth creation as well, which would support the retirement planning heavily and anchor the overall investments that a person makes. There are many different types of investment options available in the market today, and HCR Wealth Advisors ensures that you do not get confused with the plethora of investment options available in the market. They help you with making suitable and informed choices about your investments.

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Guilherme Paulus: Philanthropist, Visionary, And Patriot

Guilherme Paulus founded CVC in 1972 and a little over 35 years later he sold 63.6% of his Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tur Ltda for more than $420 million. The Carlyle Group purchased the controlling interest, but kept Guilherme Paulus as the Chairman of the Board of Directors due to his immense talent and vision.

Guilherme Paulus still owns 7.1% of the CVC Group and continues to ensure that the company he founded has the same traditions and principles it had when he first started. It was with Guilherme’s expertise and financial wisdom which led to the massive acquisition by the Carlyle Group.

Guilherme Paulus is considered the most successful business entrepreneur in the tourism industry today. He has won numerous awards and continues to run his GJP Group of hotels and resorts, which is comprised of over 20 locations in over 10 Brazilian states. As he grows his businesses and tourism company he is improving the standard of living for all Brazilians.


The CVC Group and GJP Groups bring in over $10 billion a year and attract over 9 mllion people to Latin America. This business is one of the most important busineses for the Brazilian economy according to It responsible for the upkeep and modernization of Brazil with its ability to massively increase the influx of tourists.

Guilherme listed the CVC Group on the Brazilian stock exchange in 2013. The stock price was initially quoted at 16 Brazilian Real and just a few months after its Initial Public Offering CVC was priced at 44 Brazilian Real. Today, with the help of the Carlyle Group and Guilherme’s expertise the CVC stock has been rising for the past five years.

Guilherme Paulus understands the increased tourism coming to Brazil will benefit everyone, not just his businesses, but his relatives, friends, and every Brazilian looking for a better future. He is a philanthropist and visionary, but most of all he is a patriot who cares for his country, its people, and its future. We need more people like Guilherme in the world and hopefully with his help the world will be a better place for us all.


Jed McCaleb Discusses Stellar At A Fintech Conference In Israel

Technology and finance innovator, Jed McCaleb was one of the main speakers during the Tel-Aviv Fintech Week. The four-day conference discussed key developments in fintech such as blockchain technology and cybersecurity. These are subjects that Jed McCaleb is an expert and pioneer in.

The host site of the Tel Aviv Fintech Week was in a startup hub called Rise. It created by Barclay’s Bank in Israel. The nation of Israel is known for its tech startups. It is a natural site to host a fintech conference.

Jed McCaleb was a featured speaker in the conference alongside Yoni Assia. Mr. McCaleb helped create Stellar. This is an online cryptocurrency platform exchange. Mr. Yonia Assia serves as the chief executive officer of eToro. It is an online broker that allows users to exchange commodities, stocks, other financial instruments and cryptocurrencies.

Both Mr. McCaleb and Mr. Assia were asked a number of questions in a Q&A panel. Below are some of the questions that Jed McCaleb faced. His responses and thoughts to them are also provided below.

Jed McCaleb was asked how centralized his new online cryptocurrency exchange platform would be. This question pointed to the fact that Stellar had partnered with a major corporate partner. Jed McCaleb said that his company had teamed up with IBM because it would allow them access to a host of banks and other potential customers.

Mr. McCaleb did admit that there would be some centralization as a result of the corporate partnership. His defense of the partnership is that the IBM partnership opens up a global marketplace for his product. Without IBM, Stellar would not be a global player in the world of cryptocurrency.

A person at the conference then asked Jed McCaleb how he would provide collateral to tokens. A token is like an online investment in a program or cryptocurrency. It can be thought of like a cyber investment of sorts.

Jed McCaleb says that he is working to tie digital assets such as tokens to physical assets. Stellar will try to back every dollar invested in tokens with an actual tangible asset such as cash. This will assure investors that their investment is real. It also makes digital investments more liquid. This is quite a novel concept developed by McCaleb at Stellar.

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HCR Wealth Advisors on The New Retirement

Retirement Plans are usually created so that they can address your financial needs and goals in the future. However, they do not typically address psychological, emotional, and physical adjustments. These non-financial retirement aspects are crucial for individuals who are planning to opt for a retirement plan.

The “New Retirement” plan is different from a traditional retirement plan as it integrates elements to address adjustments to family life, health and wellness, aging, mental health, and leisure.  It addresses severe challenges regarding your health, expenses, and daily socialization. However, if retirement is not seriously planned, it can lead to frustration, boredom, psychological disorders, poor health, low self-esteem, dependency, and fatigue, among other ordeals.

Many individuals tend to spend decades trying to plan their retirement plans based on the financial aspects. What they leave out is the non-financial aspect of the retirement plan. It is essential to think through how you want to handle your psychological, physical, and emotional elements in the future.

Nevertheless, the New Retirement gives you a chance to plan your retirement beyond the financial view. It is crucial to remember that your retirement can last longer than your first career. It affects the majority of our life and can result in psychological and mental illness if not well planned. Below are listed some elements of retirement that should be considered when making a plan.

Career and Work Benefits

Retirement does not necessarily mean that you stop working. Some individuals decide to pursue the same career but in different industries. Other choose to concentrate on hobbies and talents that are related to their first careers. The main benefits of job and work are time management, socialization, sense of status, and financial compensation. Thus, you should find a way to replace these activities to make the transition into retirement smoother.

Personal development

After you retire, that’s when you get ample time for self-development and actualization. Here, you will realize your strengths as well as weaknesses and can begin to work on improvement. Read more on their facebook page


The New Retirement is dedicated to ensuring that you maintain a healthy and a stable body. This serves as a foundation for wellness.


The New Retirement gives you an opportunity to indulge in your favorite leisure activities. This is very critical to the psychological and emotional state.

About HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that believes in the philosophy of trust, empowerment, education, and integrity. The firm’s primary function is to help clients develop strategies to help them reach their financial goals. Visit their glassdoor page to know about their job vacancies.

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A Three in one Company


On 7th of November 2016, the Texas Bankers Association held their 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference at New Orleans, Louisiana. Usually, this is a forum where bank leaders, consultants, and advisers meet to share their views concerning the key opportunities and challenges that they face. In this forum, all the participants and the panelists analyze strategic opportunities by use of M&A activity and by organic growth and branching. The topic of discussion for the forum was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. Among the panelists was the CEO and the President of NexBank Capital, Inc.; John Holt who actively participated in the topic of discussion.

NexBank is a financial institution that offers its services to the clients through three main Businesses which include Mortgage Banking, Institutional Services, and Commercial Banking. As a commercial bank, it offers various services such as giving commercial loans to corporations and small business that require financial support. It also provides Agency services such as administrative agency which include Covenant monitoring, Document review, Problem resolution and compliance verification to borrowers. As a commercial bank, it also deals with Real Estate lending where it offers permanent loans to residential properties, quick short-term loans to the institution and also advice the real estate owners on the best way to acquire funds for expanding or developing their properties.

In Mortgage Banking it deals with warehouse lending where with a warehouse line the clients are able to get more capital resources as well as new lines of credit. A client with a warehouse line can enjoy attractive pricing, quick and reliable funding, as well as complimentary products. In institutional services, it gives financial aid to institutions, acts as a financial advisor to the real estates, and it also offers depository services for the public funds.