Madison Street Capital Wins M&A Advisor Award

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that provides financial services to a diverse group of clients. They are known for taking care of their community by partnering up with reputable companies throughout the United States so that they can provide support for whatever issues may come up for a family, including the finance hardships that can come with natural disasters or unexpected economic struggles. Their professionals have recently been recognized for their outstanding ability to continue growth in their clients’ financial services.


In addition to other services, Madison Street Capital also provides management and advice for hedge funds clients, whether they are buyers or sellers of a hedge fund. They estimate that the hedge fund industry assets are at an all time high, even though they experienced a low performance year in 2015, the market still saw an increase of 27%. While other savings funds are only increasing in a maximum of 10%, this 27% is a large number comparatively speaking, and is even more impressive when informed that this is considered a mediocre increase in investments. Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, LLC, explains that the ideal deal-making environment for buyers, sellers, and managers of hedge fund accounts are expected only to increase.


Madison Street Capital was awarded the M&A Advisor award in 2017 in the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award, their ability to provide advisement on the WLR Automotive transaction is what helped them to stand out among other candidates and win this prestigious award. Madison Street Capital helps with acquisitions, mergers, and assisting private professionals in restructuring their finances, leaving their clients set for a more secure financial future. This award signifies their expert, professional ability to handle the diverse amount of clients and accounts they assist every year.


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