How the Government Used Barbara Stokes’ Company to Control Hurricane Harvey

Barbara Stokes leads a construction company called Green Structure Homes as the President and the CEO. During the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey that took place in August 2017, Green Structured Homes (GSH), with its top manager, Barbara Stokes were so instrumental in the evacuation and resettlement process of the families that were affected by the hurricane. The participation of the company was in the form of rebuilding the homes of the affected people as well as facilitating with temporary settlement to the victims before they could go back to their areas of residence after the storm. Green Structured Homes provided its professional engineers who were mandated by the federal government to aid in the resettlement of these families in temporary homes that could provide temporary shelter and safety during the time of the crisis. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The main method that the federal government had recommended and prepared the disaster management team was the construction of FEMA trailers. These were container-like structures that were portable and could be relocated depending on the current geographical condition. These FEMA trailers had been introduced during the previous floods disaster of Katrina, and they were very useful in the process of relocating the affected people. However, in spite of the benefits yielded from the pilot project of the government, the trailers had been associated with health to the inhabitants. More than 11,000 health cases were reported to the government by the inhabitants of these trailers, which prompted the government health team to engage in research in the quest to unravel the cause of those volumes of cases.


To no surprise, it was discovered that the FEME trailers had been built of low-quality materials which emitted some intoxicants that exposed the inhabitants of the structures to severe health conditions. As a result, the Congress recommended that the quality of the structures to be improved to curb such cases that could have occurred in the future. That’s when Barbara Stokes presented his company, Green Structure Homes, which she co-owns alongside her husband. The company, using its well-skilled engineers and artisans, designed a new form of trailers that had enhanced ventilation and even more spacious and portable. These went a long way contributing to the improved management of Hurricane Harvey. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.