Gino Pozzo Reinventing Sport Clubs

One of the most prominent figures in European sports, Gino Pozzo came from a family of football enthusiast. His mother was related to the former president of Udinese Calcio club, and his family has maintained close ties.

He grew up in Italy and at eighteen moved to the US where he earned a master degree at Harvard University. After marrying, he relocated to Spain for twenty years, but in 2013, he moved along with his wife and three children to London. Gino Pozzo’s family love of football began with his father Giampaolo.

His father purchased Udinese club in their Italy hometown. Before owning the club, the family business was all about woodworking. The family sold its woodworking business to focus on its new investment. Gino admits that it’s not their only major activity but one they enjoy a great deal.

Under Gino Pozzo’s leadership, the club became more successful since he joined the business in 1993. Gino purchase of Granada club helped them to rise and become a Primera Liga that hadn’t happen in 35 years.

Another success came with the acquisition of Watford Club. Like Granada, the club was indebted and struggling to move out of the fourth division.

Four years later, Watford began to show a success. Gino believes in the long term approach and a willingness to change when necessary. He also believes in long term commitment. Despite a lucrative offer by Prolific Media, Gino turned it down.

He is a well respected for taking uninteresting football club and turning them into the top of their game’s performers. Gino was also ranked number 4# as the best club owner in 2019 Talksport.

His investment in the Hornets includes signing, an improvement on the squad’s training ground, improving the stadium at Vicarage Road. His efforts have not gone unnoticed by fans.