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May 2019

Successes of Vijay Eswaran

Born in 1960, Vijay Eswaran is a successful investor and motivational speaker. His life is a real definition of a success story, and his efforts and excellent skills in leadership have boosted his career. He received a degree in economics from a university in London, and he applies the skills he acquired from the latter to make his life better. Through the knowledge, he posses in economics he has successfully established a considerable number of ventures that have not only created jobs for many people, but it has also helped him live a better life.

Vijay Eswaran started low when he was back in Europe. While spending time in the country, the duo carried out minor jobs like being a grape harvester among other manual jobs. His humble beginnings motivated him to put more effort into his work, and his life took a turn when he moved to the United Kingdom. He started his first job as a multilevel marketer. The duo showed a lot of passion towards his work, and through this, he gained more courage to continue building his career. He also posses a lot of knowledge in technology, and he has helped a vast number of people on the various ways they can invest in the latter. He later founded the famous MLM company, which later changed to QI Group. His venture has grown tremendously over the years, and it is today ranked among the largest ones in the globe.

Vijay Eswaran has always been guided by the various principles that he has set for himself. His ability to plan ahead of everything and set his limits has enabled him to keep achieving better things in his entire life. Besides, he also teaches his team of employees on the best ways they can improve their skills at the workplace by helping them adopt great problem-solving approaches. Additionally, Vijay Eswaran is also a famous motivational speaker, and he relies on his wisdom to impact the lives of other people. His ability to share his wisdom with others has helped people overcome the fears that they face in their lives.

Steve Lesnard On How to Market Products in Today’s Online World

According to Steve Lesnard, the emergence of new and more dynamic social and web-based mediums have changed the way companies and organizations choose to market their products.

The emerging choices come with many benefits, but when not properly leveraged, they can prove to be counterproductive. For a brand to enjoy success in its marketing efforts, it will need to place its customer needs at the forefront of its digital marketing strategy.

He goes on to add that a successful product launch is one that is able to clearly highly how the product will benefit the user. Consumers want to know how using or acquiring a certain product will help improve their lives, or provide them with value.

The following two principles are vital, for a product introduction to succeed:

For Consumers to Remember It, ensure that It Is Simplified

Steve Lesnard goes ahead to quote Walt Disney who said that the best thing that one can do would be to ensure that the storyline was correct. What this means is that when making a product introduction, make sure to articulate the benefits consumers will gain from it.

This will require you to highlight what is different in your product, what improvements are there, and how you consider it the best product. To many, this may seem like a simple thing to do, but the reality is that this will not be an easy task.

For you to simplify, you will need your team to concentrate on the relevant and innovative features that they need to communicate. Steve Lesnard points out that at this point, you will need to choose a lane and put your faith in it, hoping that everything will work out fine.

To Make It Real, You Will Need to Bring It to Life

The final principle is one centered on the customer experience that you seek to bring to life. This can only happen once you have made a decision on the storyline to use, and the lane to follow in the product introduction.

Steve Lesnard highlights this by asking three important questions: how would a consumer use it? what will they need it for? And how does the item make you look?

You can easily highlight these elements using mediums that can resonate with your audience.

Gaining Oil And Gas Knowledge From Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western is a family-owned business based in the United States and focuses on the oil and gas industry. It combines its resources and talents to explore and acquire oil reserves in the gulf coast region. Matthew Fleeger, CEO and President of the institution says they aim at giving their shareholders the best evaluating the minimal risks in place. Open and transparent relationships are the main pillar of the company’s success over the years. It has locations in Dallas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mississippi.

Partnerships with the Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners recently expanded their operations. Gulf Coast Western is now able to access hundreds of acres where they produce wells that produce up to 30 million barrels. An agreement by Warhorse Oil and Gas emerged because of the two partnerships. Gulf Coast got the mandate to acquire the development wells in Louisiana which produce over 800 oil barrels every day. More than half of the partners of Gulf Coast Western do joint ventures occasionally.

Matthew Fleeger is also an expert in the waste management and tanning industries. He is known for the establishment of two business enterprises in the tannin sector that had a revenue of 100 million dollars. Matthew Fleeger is also a team builder and a strategic planner. He uses these techniques in performing his duties at the Gulf Coast Western company. Having a bachelor’s degree in business administration shows that he has knowledge about finance and marketing processes.

With the use of PUD, the organization plans to design two workover wells hence increasing production potential. Another transaction with the Northcote Energy enabled the entity to acquire half of their working assets and interest thus expanding their operations to Shoats Creek. This partnership consists of a program to develop wells in Frio, Cockfield, and Wilcox. Due to its integrity, the company has a triple-A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

A Brief Look into the Life and Career of Jana Lightspeed

Jana Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Venture Partners as a partner in 2018. Before making this move, she had worked with both Netflix and Twitter in various capacities. Her earlier roles saw her provide advice to early-stage companies. At some point, she also found herself working in the sales, engineering, business development, and marketing departments of various high growth organizations.

Education Background

She attended the University of Illinois, located at Urbana, in Champaign where she graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering. Her previous high profile roles were with Netflix and Twitter.

At Netflix, she served as the Director of Business Development, a position she held until 2010. She, later on, moved to Twitter, the social networking platform where she took up her new role as Vice President in charge of Global Business Development.

She held on to this position until 2016. In addition to working for high profile organizations, Jana is also a founding partner in her organization. She helped found #Angels in March 2015, while still working at Twitter.

Jana Joins Lightspeed

Jana Lightspeed is a partner in one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. The company has just finished raising more than $1.8 billion in venture funding. Apart from raising capital, the firm also made new hires, a move that saw it hire 5 investment partners, and six personnel.

In addition to Jana, the other high profile partners hired by the company include Jay Madheswaran, Jerry Ye, Ashley Brasier, and Merci Victoria Grace. Based on the new partner hires, the company now has a total of twenty-six active partners.

Of this, nineteen are investors based in the United States. The new acquisitions mean that that company now has 5 female investment partners based in the US. This is a notable increase as it previously only had two.

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The Academy Of Art University School Of Architecture Director Discusses ADA Principles And Codes

In a YouTube video that is on the Academy of Art University channel, executive director of the School of Architecture at the Academy of Art University Mimi Sullivan, talks about how the university works with designing affordable housing, as well as, offices spaces and retail development. In the video that is titled: ADA principles and codes with Mimi Sullivan, she discussed with architecture students about their design work and the principles and codes that they need to follow.

Sullivan explained that design should follow ADA guidelines. The design needs to fit any mobile, visual, and auditory challenges a person may have. She also says that there are codes that architecture students should know; however, they are based by state. These codes include building codes. ADA codes and principles have been set for all architects that design buildings such as retail, restaurants, schools, and hospitals for people who have disabilities.

Sullivan suggests that the students at the Academy of Art University School of Architecture design rooms and buildings that will be useful to people with disabilities. Outlets and countertops should always be accessible for people in wheelchairs, as well as, water fountains and hand dryers. She adds that designing a building that can be utilized by everyone is mandatory. Students are encouraged to think about how their designs can be beneficial for a diversity of people.

The Academy of Art University is a school that is located in San Francisco, California. The school helps students develop their artistic abilities. The university that was founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 offers many different courses that include acting, architecture, fashion, animation, and visual effects, as well as, fine art. The Academy of Art University enables students to have a hands-on learning experience so they can achieve the best education about the field they are pursuing.