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October 2018

Drew Madden: proven effective leader in a field that needs as many as it can get

American healthcare is in trouble. And the sheer size of the industry threatens to take large portions of the entire country down with it. Americans today pay more than anyone else in the world for healthcare that is, at best, mid-level when compared against other developed nations. And the fact that the government spends more than $1.5 trillion each year on the provision of medical care to its citizens says everything one might need to know about exactly how high the stakes are; if U.S. healthcare costs are not brought under control, it could put the solvency of the entire country in serious peril.

Real answers to tough problems

Drew Madden is one of the leading figures within the healthcare IT space today. He has been in the field for more than 15 years, a career in which he started at the absolute bottom and rose to become the CEO of one of the largest firms in the industry. Madden has personally been credited with the growth of a boutique consulting firm into one of the dominant players in American Healthcare. He is also widely recognized as one of the industry’s foremost experts on the two major healthcare IT platforms, which collectively account for nearly all of the software used by hospitals in the country.

Now, Madden has branched off on his own. In 2017, he formed a new company called Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen is a healthcare consulting company that seeks to shift the paradigm of how healthcare technology is implemented. Madden has created a people-first philosophy, recognizing that software is only as good as people’s ability to use it. Evergreen focuses on the creation of not just software systems, but human systems that are able to work efficiently towards delivering the best possible healthcare outcomes for patients.

Although Madden is stern in his warnings about the state of U.S. healthcare and the likely outcomes for allowing the status quo to proceed apace, his naturally ebullient character radiates optimism about the future of the healthcare industry. Madden says that once Americans recognize the severity of this problem or any other, there is nothing that will stop us from finding a workable solution.

Alex Pall Discusses How The Chainsmokers Came To Be

It’s not often musical artists rise from obscurity to worldwide renown in just a few short years but the Chainsmokers are one of the few exceptions to this rule. So how did they manage to attain such pervasive fame in such a period of time? Alex Pall recently interviewed with Interview Magazine to discuss the origins of the DJ and production duo and what they’d like to accomplish in their careers. While in NYC, Alex Pall’s manager introduced them and they could instantly tell each other was serious about making music. From there on in, they began working together on a regular basis and it wasn’t long before they had dropped their first hit single. That particular song ended up soaring to the top of the charts and, as one popular song led to another, it wasn’t long before the Chainsmokers had become a household name.

They recently collaborated with Halsey on their new track, Closer, and they enjoyed every minute of working with her, calling her a fun and cool artist who isn’t afraid of deviating from norms. Their demographic used to be mostly young people between the ages of 15 and 30 but, nowadays, they find that their fanbase consists of various people of all ages. Unlike most DJs, they actually provide the vocals for their own music but they insist that it’s necessary due to the lyrics pertaining to their own lives and experiences. They also mentioned that their concerts are constantly fluctuating.

This is due to the fact that the music industry is consistently growing and evolving and, thus, the Chainsmokers recognized the need to evolve along with it. As for their future, they have said that they don’t plan on taking a hiatus anytime soon because they understand that things would be radically different upon their return. The duo is currently back in the recording studio working on their second studio album and recently released their first hit single off of that project entitled Sick Boy. They have not yet revealed a release date for this album but, nevertheless, we wish them luck on it.

Dherbs Full Body Cleanse Helps You Achieve Your Health Goals

There are numerous amounts of offerings on the market to help people cleanse. The problem? A large percentage of them simply do not work. The power behind change is to begin with a new slate, a new horizon. Dherbs help cleanse the body and essentially offers a power wash for those toxins and potentially harmful elements that can lead to much bigger problems later in life. Cleansing Guru and Wellness Expert, A.D. Dolphin has helped thousands transform their lives with the number one herbal cleansing method.

Dherbs assists the user in not only losing weight but also cleansing the body of toxins and bacteria. It helps the user feel better emotionally and proves more acuity in their everyday performance. Dherbs full body cleanse includes six formulas and a raw vegan diet to prepare the body for an amazing transformation. The holistic supplement has helped numerous celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Niecey Nash and Anthony Anderson achieve their goals of eradicating toxins and changing their lifestyle which impacts not only their body, but mind and spirit as well. The problem with holistic medicine these days is that it does not create sustainability with the user. Most of the supplements offered simply do not complete the task. People want to make changes, yet they do not follow a regimen because of restrictions and lack of choice in what they want in their diet.

Using Dherbs, you can still eat a raw diet. This allows you to eat a healthy, nutritious array of recipes while using the product to help eliminate those toxins that can lead to sickness and disease. Enjoy your life and make changes to your lifestyle. This approach helps you reach your health goals by starting a new regimen and viewpoint on the most effective change a person can make.