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May 2018

Heather Russell Joins TransUnion

Heather Russell is a professional with vast knowledge of financial, legal services. She has been in the field pursuing legal finance for over two decades. Russell has experiences and expertise in the following areas; mergers and acquisition, consumer financial services, data security and privacy, and government relations. Recently, TransUnion released a statement that indicated they would be incorporating a new talent of Heather Russell. She will officially join the firm on June 4th where she will be handling matters related to legal issues, consumer privacy, corporate governance, and government relations. Moreover, she will be contributing to the TransUnion Executive committee where she will be projecting on the progress of the firm. Heather will be reporting her work to the TransUnion’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Peck

Heather Russell indicated that she aims to bring her legal and financial expertise that will benefit TransUnion in the best way. She added that TransUnion is the best company to work with due to their commitment and objective in providing useful information solutions to their clients in regard to product and services access. She stated that she is happy to be among the team that will bring prospectus and growth in TransUnion.

When the CEO of TransUnion, Jim Peck, was asked about his sentiments regarding the incorporation of Heather Russell, she stated that great talent was joining their team. Jim believes that Heather Russell has great financial and legal services that will help register growth at TransUnion. He added that Heather is a great leader who will impact the operations of the Firm.

Heather worked at a law firm of Buckley Sandler before he opted for TransUnion. Here, she was a leader and supervised all operations related to financial institution regulations and FinTech. Heather Russell has also worked with other firms including Fifth Third Bank where she was the vice president and Chief Legal Officer of the Firm.

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Why Patients Choose Expert Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been working in the field of medicine for well over two decades. He currently works in Florida in a medical emergency unit as an emergency room doctor. Because of the vast array of patients he sees on a daily basis, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is more than equipped to handle any medical problem thrown his way. His career is one that is full of expertise and continuing education, as he is constantly trying to work on and improve his practices so that people are able to receive the best quality care that they can when visiting his facility.

Along with working in Florida as an emergency room doctor, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has gone to school extensively to improve upon his knowledge, skills and craft. This has given him an edge when compared to other doctors and many within the Florida facility look up to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel when they are in need of help or care. Because of the work that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has done for people, it is no wonder that he is one of the leading ER doctors and physicians in Florida at the current moment.

The hundreds of patients who have been seen by Dr. Eric Forsthoefel are all in agreement that this expert is there to help them feel better about their situation. Dealing with a medical emergency can be difficult and traumatizing, but it is always nice to know that you have a doctor like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel who is going to be there to see you through to the end of the ordeal so that you can be better and feel your best. If you would like more information on Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, make sure to visit his site or check him out on social media to get a feel for what he is currently up to and what you need to know when hiring him for his many services. Now is the time to give Dr. Eric Forsthoefel a try and to see why so many people have chosen him when they are in need of expert medical care.

Jed McCaleb: Leveraging Technology To Improve The World

Jed McCaleb yesterday told CNBC that his vision is that of a global payment system that is Blockchain powered. He is the Chief Trading Officer of Stellar, an international payment and Blockchain powered setup which uses digital token. McCaleb, Mt. Gox’s creator, added that he foresees a hybrid system which will use Blockchain to enhance fiat currencies’ payment.

Jed said that to him, it was evident that in future, a system that enables universal payments will operate. According to McCaleb, by 2028, the Blockchain of Stellar could back up a “Universal Payments System” to process traditional assets and payments.

Woon Bank of South Korea has lined up Ripple for commercial basis implementation later on in 2018. Legitimate financial institutions are considering Stellar and Ripple, also an international payment system that is powered by blockchain technology, to facilitate a significant change in their models of remittance.

Stellar Lumens has been doing well for a while, and this trend has been interrupted by yesterday’s drop to $0.2512. The token has experienced press coverage recently owing to the lightning network that aids in mitigating future challenges.

As an experienced crypto developer, McCaleb predicts that the technology Stellar has adopted will lead to a shake-up in international financial markets such as the stock markets, fundraising, and payments by 2028. Jed McCaleb further says that the current economic system is not tapping the full potential of the market, given the present situation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Autonomous Next, a financial research company, reports that the ICOs have in around four years raised almost $ 9 billion.

The new technology has also attracted fraudsters who leave investors stranded after taking off with their cash, which has called to attention financial institutions from all over the world though token sales supporters claim they are a new fundraising model.

In 2014, Jed McCaleb together with Joyce Kim co-founded Stellar Development Foundation, where he now heads technical development. Before this, he made eDonkey2000 which was a network to share files. Jed serves as an advisor to Machine Intelligence Research Institution (MIRI), accompany that researches on artificial intelligence to enable positive impact.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Gives Advice to Parents Wishing to Teach Children Financial Literacy

The gift of financial literacy is one of the most valuable investments a parent can make in the future of their children. Many parents delay discussing financial issues with their children for fear they will be uninterested. But the sooner a child begins to learn and think about financial matters the more it can positively benefit his or her future. To this end, the registered financial advisory firm, HCR Wealth Advisors has compiled a short list of topics that every parent should be sure to discuss with their children.

Allowances for Doing Chores

Learning that money is earned is a major life lesson for any child. Requiring children to perform chores around the house assures that they will understand that money does not come freely. When a child wants more money, he will begin to make the connection that performing more chores is necessary.

Preach Budgeting

Once an allowance is established, children can now learn the benefits of budgeting their money. This budget can be as simple as a single, handwritten piece of paper containing income and expenses. This will give children a true understanding of how budgeting is done and make them aware of the things they can afford to buy and those which they cannot.

Savings Accounts

Competent banking is a skill that every child must possess in today’s society. Open an account with your child and begin to teach them the process. Children that get used to making bank deposits and using debit cards are likely to grow up to be more financially responsible than their peers that do not get this early training.

Teach Investment Basics

Becoming a knowledgeable investor is something that can greatly benefit children as they grow into adulthood. This lesson can be learned by purchasing for the child a share or two of an inexpensive stock. Parent and child can then monitor the progress of the stock together and discuss the why and when price can fluctuate. Use current news and magazine articles that help to explain the performance of the stock. Need help in financial planning? Go to

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Betsy DeVos: Increasing the Educational Experience of the American Youth

Committee members all over the country are looking for ways to increase student test scores and secure school attendance. There are principles and other types of school administrators that want to do the best possible work they can for their students. The problem is that many of them do not have the specific training necessary to advance their school systems or they are in a rut when it comes to the advancement of their institution. It can be tough to push for change and to increase the influence that a school has in a given community, but many schools are earning reputations that are less than favorable. When it comes to standardized testing, students are finding that they are completely unprepared for that process. It becomes a discouraging event and sometimes leads to even worse test performances. The problem was schools is not always the teachers that practice within them, but it’s with the actual policies that govern them.


New Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos saw a gap between these policies and their implementation long before she was ever selected for her post. She has campaigned against the type of blanket teaching going on in public school systems for many years. She knows what it takes to raise a child in a school system, and she wants to be sure that she is helping parents all over America discover the best options that they have available to them. In fact, Betsy DeVos is so dedicated to the education process that she even helped found a magnet school with her husband in Michigan. The best thing about this magnet school is that it features an extensive aviation program and it is actually located within an airport. This gives students an exciting backdrop for their education with programs that tailor to their needs. While they are able to still obtain core education classes, there is a bit of excitement available to them with the free elective programs. This is true of a lot of private institutions and that is why Betsy DeVos has been such an outspoken advocate for such places.


Even parents that cannot afford a higher cost is associated with these types of educational institutions, there is a lower cost option. Increasingly more public-school systems are electing to send their children to virtual environments. These virtual environments allow the students to glean knowledge from the material they presented with at their own pace. The self-paced work can actually benefit students because they are able to absorb the information in their own way. The best person to ask about the way that you learn is going to be you, why wouldn’t that be accurate for a student in the public-school system? In addition to all this work, Betsy DeVos does tell Philanthropy Roundtable in a recent interview that she has plans for the actual public-school system itself. She wants to help foster a new wave of growth within that system and help create lasting partnerships between these institutions that will ultimately help increase the educational experience of the American youths.


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National Steel Car: Combating Unemployment In Hamilton

The city of Hamilton is home to the largest companies in Canada, and one of them is the National Steel Car. The rolling stock manufacturing company is a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. and is considered as one of the largest employers in the city, and so many people wanted to get in because of the benefits that are being offered by the management. The current head of the National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz, and he wanted to help the local population by opening jobs inside the company. Gregory J Aziz is from London, Ontario, and his experience in the field of doing business helped Aziz transform the company into one of the fastest growing business in the country.



The National Steel Car has more than 3,000 employees today. When Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car in 1994, there were only 500 people were working at the manufacturing plant. With Gregory James Aziz’s efforts to recruit more people, the number slowly rose to a thousand, and it keeps on growing as the demand for rolling stocks rises. According to Gregory James Aziz, hiring more people bears positive results. For example, the number of rolling stocks produced by the company was only 3,500 per year, especially when he first bought the company in 1994 from its previous owner DOFASCO. However, the production rate skyrocketed to 12,500 units per year after more employees were given a chance to work with the company.



Every year, the National Steel Car is also sponsoring a job fair for the locals. This year, the company needs 200 people who would be assigned to the welding department. The organizers of the event set up early in the morning, waiting for people to arrive. Applicants come in every minute, and after a few hours, there are already hundreds of locals who are taking their chances to become a part of the National Steel Car. What’s great about the job fair sponsored by the National Steel Car is that they are not looking for the employee’s past experiences. They are looking for welders, but Greg Aziz does not care about the applicant’s experience in welding. Rather, what he is looking for is the dedication of the applicant to get the job.


The local people of Hamilton would like to express their gratitude towards the National Steel Car for doing their best to provide jobs for the public. They stated that as more people are being hired by the company, the city’s unemployment rate decreases. See This Page for additional information.

Jim Toner Teaching People About Real Estate Through His Books

There are so many positions that Jim Toner has held, and in the same roles he has offered the best services that he can give, he has been a real estate investor, a speaker at a radio show and consultant in the path of his career. The main thing that people know him for is the fact that he has played a crucial role when it comes to ensuring that the real estate will be set in a way that will be user-friendly. That’s the reason why on so many different occasions when he gets a chance then he speaks to people about how one can intelligently invest in real estate to gain the benefits. In the talk that he had over the years will be attended by people all over the world. The real estate programs that he usually has held people pay $2,000-$15,000 to be part of the program. Once in while he will offer his services to the people by accepting to couch the private clients on the things they need to know about real estate investment and issues that will affect the business.

There is a lot that he has been able to achieve in his career path from when he started 25 years ago. The main thing that he does is teach the people on the way they can follow so that at the end of the day they will get the freedom of being their boss. Jim makes sure that he gives back to the community by being involved with the Frank and Nilsa McKinney that he supports their cause in taking care of families. Thus, making him an active philanthropist over the years. Jim does not like to see a person suffering and if he can help he will always do that. In the Salvation Army branch, he offers his services to the company as the advisory board chair.

Jim Toner has been an author of so many books, there is one that talks about real estate in depth, and that is the “the consumer guide to investment real estate will discover.” The book is so detailed out about what to expect in the real estate investment. For the gurus, they hate Jim for writing the book because in the book there is a chapter that talks about all the tricks scammers will use to trick people.

In the book, the readers will be overwhelmed with all the success stories of people that have made good use of the Jim Toner book and gained the best. The ways reader can make good use of the opportunities that they get in the real estate world. In the real estate world, it’s filled with opportunities that if someone is keen on they will make good use of them.

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Sameer Jejurikar: The Certified Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a qualified American surgeon who has certification to conduct operations on cosmetic surgery. He is also one of the leading surgeons of Dallas based Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This institution gives training to surgeons who are interested in taking a career in the plastic surgery line. Some of the cosmetic surgeries that they perform on their clients include face, body and breast operations. This renowned doctor is very experienced in this field having performed successful transformative surgeries on numerous clients. Dr. Sameer is also very passionate about his job. This has made him a favorite surgeon to many people requiring plastic surgery services.


Dr. Sameer is unique due to his dedication towards giving the best service to the patients by the application of the most modern technologies in the field. Numerous people stream into Dr. Sameer’s clinic with a desire to change their appearance. Dr. Sameer gives the patients their wish and also provides advice on what is best for them. Dr. Sameer also handles each patients issue independently from the other. This is after realizing that people who visit his clinic have different tastes and thus having a general procedure of operating them will leave most of them disgruntled. He, therefore, makes a customized procedure that meets the client’s needs. Dr. Sameer also pays close attention to detail, and this is


Owing to his expertise in plastic surgery, Dr. Sameer’s services have been sought after by many people. Dr. Sameer doesn’t keep the talent all to himself. He has taken part in medical missions especially in countries where access to medical care is limited. He always has a desire to help the needy people, especially, the children who are impoverished. Even at his Dallas clinic, Dr. Sameer helps people who are in need.


Dr. Sameer performs all the plastic surgery procedures. Some of the services that Dr. Sameer offers to his patients include breast augmentation, mommy makeover, facelifts, and rhinoplasty. He has performed these operations repeatedly making variations to suit the patient’s demands. He is, therefore, an expert in this field that is receiving more patients currently than before.


Jed Mccaleb: The Expert Cryptologist

Jed McCaleb is a professional cryptologist who believes that crypto assets will run the world in the near future. In addition to this, he also acknowledges that distributed solutions and blockchain technologies will upset vital services such as stock markets, accessing fundraising and world payments.

Jed McCaleb is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency and he believes that the emerging phenomenon will gain momentum in the mainstream way of transacting. The crypto expert is also the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the Stellar project and Mt. Gox exchange. Mr.McCaleb believes that blockchain technology will alter the network of universal payments in the future. In that, there will exist an open ledger that will be visible to everyone. However, they will not be able to change it randomly. This new trend will not stop people from using the cash tender they are used to such as Euros and dollars.

Although Jed McCaleb is the founder of Mt.Gox, he later sold it to Mark Karpelles in 2011. However, it was under the new owner that the crypto exchange platform was hacked and bot trading was carried out before it subsequently crashed. This crash negatively affected the crypto-coin industry. Subsequently, the value of Bitcoin also depreciated from the value of more than 1000 dollars to almost 100 dollars. This led the world of crypto coins into a depression. Mr. Karpelles operated the crypto assets platform until 2013.

Jed McCaleb co-founded the Stellar platform because he saw a gap in the global financial infrastructure world. The popular platform provides reliable services of creating new tokens and distributing applications. The role of the crypto assets platform is to scale blockchain functions to the level of conventional transaction methods of finances. In addition to this, it also allows the exchange of conventional financial currencies, bonds, assets, and stocks into to tokens. The platform is being used by reputable companies to perform international transactions. XLM which is Stellar’s digital asset is one of the top 10 market capitalization crypto assets.

Blockchain platforms are continuing to provide a financial transactions revolution in all trading areas as there are no barriers in performing various functions. Jed McCaleb holds the opinion that decentralized exchanges will ensure that various trading exchanges grow fairly.

Why Hussain Sajwani Was Deserving Of ‘Real Estate Legend’ Title

The latest business and real estate awards ceremony hosted by the Arabian Business Committee featured many of the UAE’s brightest business minds and CEOs who have made huge investments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with great returns. But a central figure who took the title of “Real Estate Legend” was DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani, a man who found one business idea after another till he made it huge with his real estate investment company and other major stocks he’s owned. According to the Arabian Business magazine who interviewed him, he saw how his father would constantly change inventory and prices to adapt to changes in the market and had his own way of making deals at a trade shop that Sajwani learned a lot from. Even though Sajwani’s company is far bigger than his father’s, he still points to him as his first inspiration.

Hussain Sajwani had a vision for Dubai back when he went to Seattle to study at the University of Washington in 1978. He didn’t go immediately into real estate, but the idea for it began there. His first job was with an Abu Dhabi oil company, but then he began his own business in catering. He ran this business for more than 10 years, but then he started buying stocks and later small hotels by 1997. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 and began his venture with buildings in Marina Terrace and Park Towers which were completed by 2006. The company suffered a setback during the 2008 global housing crisis, but Sajwani had cash reserves in escrow that he used to keep the company afloat. After the market recovered, DAMAC Properties became bigger than ever. Big luxury housing and hotels now line across Dubai, London and soon the Republic of Maldives.

Hussain Sajwani has been the proud partner of Versace, the AKOYA Oxygen partner of Just Cavalli and also the Trump brand. The Hussain Sajwani family often visits with the Trumps and not just to conduct business such as opening the Trump Estates and the Trump World Golf Club, but also for social calls. Sajwani supported Trump’s run for president and understands what he says even where the media says his statements are too controversial. But rarely do their conversations ever go into heavy political decisions. Sajwani also supports non-profits such as the One Million Coders initiative that former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates runs, and the Red Crescent’s refugee programs.

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