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April 2018

The Oxford Club’s Activities

The Oxford club is a financial group that is headquartered in Maryland. The club is an independent entity that depends on funds from its members for its operations. Oxford Club has been dedicated to providing to its members the global marketing opportunities and strategies for achieving and maintaining wealth. The Oxford club has its monthly newsletter, trading recommendations and an investment service that is based on research. In addition to this, it hosts symposiums, investment excursions in overseas and financial seminars. These meetings are used to educate members on the crucial business skills that are essential for making profits.

The history of the Oxford club dates back to 1989 when it was started. The club was founded by William Bonner who also created the Agora group. It is so surprising how far it has grown from a small club that assumed its current name in 1991 to a huge entity. The founders noted that the best investment opportunities are found through personal connections and research.

The Oxford Club operates as a subsidiary of the Agora group. In as much as it is private, it is constituted of a network of international knowledgeable and trustworthy entrepreneurs and investors. The members work together to achieve the mission of helping others to grow and protect their wealth.

The club has a very long history of sharing new ideas and investing in philosophies that have withstood the times. The club can be quoted as having been on the market for over twenty years. It has, therefore, been through all kinds of market conditions and only emerged successful. The club has managed to grow, and it now boasts over 157,000 members across the globe in more than 130 countries.

Business Model And Resources

The club uses a multifaceted Investment philosophy to share investments through its publications. It is this philosophy that has sustained the club through difficult market conditions. It researches various investment opportunities and selects the one with minimal risk. The club also uses an easy-to-easy strategy that enables members to manage markets without unacceptable risk. The club started an independent educational body called the Investment U in 1999. Some of the services offered include videos, conferences and quality courses.

Benefits Of Being A Member

The club offers one of the best networking forums in the world. Members from over 130 countries are allowed to network together. The club also offers a unique investment philosophy and month newsletter supply. Members also have access to expert financial advisors who have massive experience.

Sussex Healthcare Employment

About Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare provides quality care for the elderly and people with severe disabilities. Their main facility is in Horsham, West Sussex, with positions in care units across Sussex.

The company commits to supporting the Sussex area by improving their services over the last 33 years. Sussex Healthcare offers services for the elderly and people with dementia and other neurological issues. They also support those with learning and severe learning disabilities.

Amanda Morgan Taylor the new Chief Executive Officer has experience in working with public and mental health care. She started her career as a mental health nurse. Ms. Taylor spent time working with local health authorities and in administrative roles including management in Auditing. The company has received various awards including, the Triple Award, Employer of the Year in 2016 and has a unique dual accreditation.

Sussex Healthcare is looking for qualified candidates for jobs in the following areas:

• Physical therapy
• Nursing
• Administration
• Facility maintenance and assistance
• Specialized support in care


Sussex Healthcare is looking for individuals with the following skills and attributes:

• Passion for caring
• Creativity and problem solving
• Attentiveness
• Able to follow care plans, complete and help with daily activities

The benefits of working with Sussex Healthcare include: good pay, increased pay rate on weekends and holidays, in-depth training and a retirement option. When working for Sussex Healthcare you will receive free uniforms, a discount in housing fees, employee discounts for meals while on shift and free bus transportation.

Sussex Healthcare fosters a friendly environment with supportive staff, trainers and co-workers. The company focuses on providing on-site training with patient and friendly teachers. They have an academy at the facility to train new employees and help seasoned employees meet their career goals. This company is good for those looking for more experience or trying to grow in their career. No experience is necessary to apply.

How to apply
For those interested in applying, call the HR department at 01403-217-338, or go to the website to apply online.

Who is Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is an MD and a pediatric surgery specialist in Eatontown, NJ. He has been practicing for 34 years, after he graduated from Cairo University Med Hospital in 1971, where he specialized in pediatric and thoracic surgery. In looking at an article on his vital, lifesaving inventions on medicaldailytimes we can learn more about Saad and what he does. We learn that Dr. Saad has done thousands of pediatric surgical operations during his career. In addition to this, we learn that throughout his career, Sad, was always trying to find new ways to reduce the pain and risk his patients faced. This was what led to the creation of two inventions which Saad patented. In addition to the patenting of two inventions, Saad has also developed many new complex pediatric surgical procedures. One of the inventions Dr. Saad has created is called the “Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device”, also known as patent number 5,727,553. Due to the risks associated with the frequent x-raying of surgical patients who need to be fitted with a catheter, Dr. Saad created a catheter which can be easily located, much like the operation of a metal detector, by sending a signal from the catheter in the patient to an external transmitter, which the doctor can use to get a conceptualization of the positioning of the catheter via an illuminated light. Due to the devices functionality, it is able to allow patients to avoid X-rays as well as MRI scans, which would traditionally be used in locating the catheter. Medicaldailytimes calls the device small, portable, and practical, as it has the functionality in being able to be easily used in the ICU when there isn’t enough time to perform an advanced body scan to find the catheter. This device also negates the use of guide wires in order to track the placement of the catheter when the catheter is first inserted in the patient. This is revolutionary, as traditional methods can lead to guidewires breaking, which can lead to them getting stuck inside patients, which could potentially be detrimental to the patient’s health. In looking at Dr. Saads catheter invention today, it has not been widely implemented, as the manufacturing of the invention requires complicated procedures, discouraging manufactures from making it.

In taking a closer look into Dr. Saad Saad’s career, we can see that he has been practicing in pediatric surgery for over 21 years. In addition to this, we can see that he has two publications, one of which is pertaining to the ten-year review of groin laparoscopy. While the other is on clear cell sarcoma of the gastrointestinal tract. Overall in looking at Dr. Saad’s career holistically, we can conclude that he has had a successful career in surgery. Learn more: