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November 2017

Dr. David Samadi Will Respond To Viewer Questions On His New Show

Dr. David Samadi is a chief surgeon who currently works at Lenox Hill Hospital. He joined the urology department at Lenox Hill in 2013 and brought over his team of assistants and nurses along with him. Mr. Samadi also serves as the head of the urology department at Lenox Hill where he oversees residencies in addition to performing surgeries. Dr. David Samadi is also a professor of urology at Hofstra University’s medical school in Long Island. He lectures and provides students with real life examples of what doctors can expect in the field of urology.

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital is where Dr. David Samadi first started working as a medical professional. He then moved to work at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, where he worked at the urology department. After working at Mt. Sinai for several years, Dr. Samadi was promoted to the position of chief of robotic and minimally invasive surgery there, learn more about David Samadi.

Mr. Samadi’s educational background includes studying at SUNY Stony Brook in Stony Book, Long Island. His undergraduate and pre-med studies were in biochemistry. David Samadi got his medical degree from SUNY Stony Brook’s Medical School after completing his biochemistry degree. Dr. Samadi then studied proctology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. Mr. Samadi then received a fellowship in oncology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. After completing this oncology fellowship, he was selected to study at a French Hospital under a famous surgeon. David Samadi studied in France thanks to a robotic prostatectomy fellowship that he obtained, David Samadi on Facebook.

A recent exciting development in Dr. David Samadi’s career is the launching of a live streaming medical show called Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi. It is broadcast live on Sundays at 12:30 Eastern Time. On the show Dr. David Samadi speaks to and interviews medical experts, inventors and authors on a range of health issues. The show will cover a variety of health issues including sexual health, diet, exercise, surgeries, common diseases and issues specific to both men and women’s health. You can catch Dr. Samadi’s new show on the web by going to It will also be streamed on Dr. Samadi’s social media accounts such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitter.

Mr. Samadi is no stranger to live TV. He has appearances on Fox News when he worked as a medical correspondent for the news organization. Dr. Samadi then became a Fox News Health contributor as well, where he would share his insight on health issues, disease and treatment on the web and on TV, and

Jeremy Goldstein Delivers the Knockout Options Solution

Jeremy Goldstein is among the best in corporate law. Jeremy is a partner at Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates. The firm gives counsel to various committees on compensation of employees and also management. He has represented various people in his professional life such as, Dow chemical company and Bank of America. Jeremy Goldstein graduated from the University of Chicago and attained a second degree from New York school of law. He often writes blogs about corporate governance and matters related to compensation. Recently he has given his two cents to employers about Knock out options.


Many employers have resulted to not issuing employees with a stock option. There have been numerous reasons regarding the decision .when the stock value plummets; employees may not be in a position to exercise their options, considering that organizations have to report added expenses. The added costs may lead to overhang from stockholders. Employers are concerned that the options scheme is similar to that of casino chips in the case of an economic lapse. While the stock options may provide an added income, they are a massive problem in the accounting department.


Despite the concerns, the stock options have their advantages. The options are easier to understand by the employees; furthermore, they provide an added income which is more convenient compared to insurance policies. Stock options are made to reflect the efforts of an employee through a combined income. It, therefore, acts as an incentive/motivation to employees to work harder. Compared to shares, options are less of a burden when it comes to accounting for revenue.


If a company chooses the stock option, it’s advisable they adopt knockout stocks. These shares are similar to the standard options with the advantage that the employee would only lose them in the case of share value falls below a certain level. To reduce the accounting liability; a company can cancel the options when a share value drops for one week. The benefits of the options do not affect a company’s stakeholder and thus removing the overhang effect among themselves. If an organization opts for the Knockout option, the group’s financial statements are well represented.


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Louis Chenevert’s Brilliance Established a Foundation of Excellence at UTC

Louis Chenevert’s career profile spans to over fourteen years working with different consortiums in different capacities. At a certain point in his career, Louis Chenevert served as the head of General Motors and in another separate position as the Chief Executive Officer and as Chairman at the United Tech. Corporation (UTC).

With an emphasis and focus on the UTC, it is evident that Mr. Chenevert left a legacy that is admirable by many. He joined the cooperation attaching him to the Pratt and Whitney (P&W) enterprise unit where he worked for six years and consequently appointed as the President in the year 1999. Louis actively took the role for seven years and landed the leading position as the Chief Executive Officer of the cooperation.

Chenevert managed to attract close to one hundred million dollars a situation that has surprised many who previously undertook the role at the institution. The achievement by Chenevert realized within a year is something that previous leadership did not. One of his strategies at the helm of his administration was to negotiate a deal for the acquisition of the Goodrich for a sum of 18.4 billion dollars. Also, his dedication to stewardship and zeal for continuous investment in the latest innovations, Chenevert also takes pride for also improving the people. He advocates for proper market surveillance before proceeding to undertake a technological investment. Options on the return on investment were core to the CEO of UTC.

Through a program for the employees known as the Scholars Program, workers at the cooperation with an interest in advancing their education have their expenses covered. The program is a mandate by the corporation to employee development since the year 1996. Up to forty thousand have benefited from the program. Louis’ leadership ability and the potential to attract promising project is admirable and relates to the company’s vision. Louis Chenevert after his departure from UTC moved to Goldman Sachs as the firm’s adviser to the division of the merchant banking. At senior role at the company, Louis assumed the position in the year 2015. The firm is well renowned for its prowess when it comes to global investment and other financial services.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Finds Innovative Solutions to Sleep Apnea Through Dentistry

Sleep apnea is a frightening sleep disorder that affects roughly 18 to 20 million Americans and is fast becoming a prevalent health concern for the field of medicine. Generally patients who suspect they suffer from this disorder, typically see their primary physicians for diagnosis and treatment but one dentist, has taken a new approach in treating patients with this potentially fatal condition.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a dental surgeon, has embarked on a mission to help people that suffer from sleep apnea through two programs which primarily focuses on finding effective treatments for this disorder. According to a recent article “Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry” on Live Newspaper, Dr. Weisfogel talks about how he is able to look at effective solutions for his patients through dentistry, which was previously never considered before. The first program was the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, founded in 2012 and acts as a think tank for renowned sleep experts and experienced dentists to share their point of view on sleep apnea through lectures on general medicine and dentistry. The second successful program he launched in 2014, was the Dental Sleep Master’s Program whose primary focus is to create special appliances that are tailored to specific-related causes as well as other forms of therapy for sleep apnea.

Dr. Weisfogel devotes an enormous amount of time to the study of sleep medicine and became quite fascinated with this field ever since he created Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999, his dental practice, of which he won several community awards for in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He studied at Rutgers and earned a BA in Biology and Psychology as well as receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery form The New York University College of Dentistry.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the first in his field to discover that there are many different avenues of which patients can turn to, in their search for an effective solution, in managing this debilitating disorder and he has proven that the combination of sleep medicine and dentistry brings an entirely new approach, to the field of medicine, by helping dentists in providing proper diagnosis and effect treatment that their patients need.

Waiakea Water is Keeping it Green with Degradable Bottles

Hawaiian company founded the Waiakea water in 2012 which is an environmentally mindful bottled water company. The company produces water through the sustainable and unique processes that emphasizes on positive effects on people and the world.

Ryan Emmons is the company founder who was inspired by the Hawaiian culture itself. He spent summers and winters of his early life where the incumbent tenets focus on the people and the land rather than accumulating wealth only. His family accessed Mauna Loa volcano, Emmons found the inspiration he needed to produce a healthy and an ethical alternative to a congested industry.

Along with their socially conscious and eco-friendly foundation, Waiakea drives more in-depth into the essence of positivity by donating to some effective efforts. In partnership with Pump Aid, for instance, Waiakea donates clean water of about 650 liters of every liter they sell to the needy places. The company has given numerous hundred million loads of water to date with capability and initiatives to continue with these efforts with no limit.

Waiakea approves to the Hawaiian precept “Malam I KaAina” that translates to “caring for the land.” this can be supported through their accomplishments from manufacturing to packaging and charities. The company has developed a degradable bottle which its lifespan is shorter than the normal plastic bottles. The lifespan of an ordinary plastic bottle is 1,500 years but Waiakea’s packaging bottles only last for 15 years. The reduction is due to an ingredient TimePlast added at the beginning of production of the bottle. The cost of making this kind of bottles is relatively low too.

Waiakea has a business philosophy where its organization considers its environmental and social impact alongside the financial growth. Numerous companies will promote ecological and social awareness as a means of favorable public appearance while all they care is profit versus loss.

Unlike many current companies which adapt to this philosophy either because of internal realization or social pressure, Waiakea was established with these theories as a part of its work statement. Their brand is manufactured on sustainability.

Essentially Waiakea is claimed to be the world top green manufacturers of bottled with no uncertainties as they have won numerous awards that back their claim. In the United States, they are the most awarded bottled water and beverage and the fastest growing for the last three years.

Securus Technologies: Stopping Crime One Cell Phone at a Time

Securus Technologies recently released a press release full of testimonials from real prisons and correctional facilities sharing how the company’s technology security solutions have benefited their institutions. If you are unfamiliar with Securus Technologies, basically, they create and provide a pretty wide variety of technology solutions that help prevent real crime from happening inside prisons. I found it interesting that their technology solutions actually prevent in-prison crime committed by technology inside prison walls.


Let me expand… Securus’ main goal with its security technology is to prevent inmates (and sometimes corrupt staff) from committing crimes through the use of cell phones and other technology. While when I think of prison corruption, I typically think of drugs or gang violence, in a digital world the inmates have gone digital too. Contraband cell phones are becoming a leading way for incarcerated inmates to commit crime or simply go through with malicious activity from inside prison walls. If a cell phone is brought into a prison and falls into the wrong hands it can be used for activities that can be dangerous for those outside prison walls.


Securus Technologies is a highly vetted company that works with prisons and correctional facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. They have contracts to provide security technology to over 2,000 correctional facilities. They are also a highly innovative company. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus was quoted in saying that rarely does a week pass that his team doesn’t invent a new technology or expand on existing ones that keeps prisons safe from technology threats.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas Texas with satellite offices across the United States. They have over 1,000 employees. In 2016 Securus invested over $600 million in patents, acquisitions and new technologies that keeps us all safe, whether inside or outside of prisons.