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August 2017

Eric Lefkofsky seeks to replicate power of peer-reviewed studies in seconds

Throughout the twentieth century, medicine made ample use of modern statistical techniques to hash out the underlying causes of many different phenomena within medicine. The advent of the double blind study and other types of long-term means of evaluating medical treatments rigorously led to incredible advances in the ability of medicine to effectively treat all types of different diseases and more information click here.

Famous long-term prospective studies, such as the Framingham heart study, have led to incredible increases in the survivability of some of the most deadly diseases known to man. Today, much of the vast increases in life expectancy in the United States and across the world are mostly due to the ability of modern medicine to rigorously evaluate and separate the wheat from the chaff. But the techniques of rigorous statistical analysis and their application to long-term, controlled studies also have limitations and learn more about Eric.

One of these is the immense cost and complexity of running some of these studies. This has often times led to significant gaps in the medical knowledge, simply because the resources required to fund and carry out such studies are beyond what is either available or the time frame required to effectively treat diseases. One corollary of this is that physicians had access to high-quality information that would enable them to answer with accuracy any question that they had regarding the treatment of a patient, the ability of modern medicine to extend the lives of those suffering from potentially fatal illnesses would be instantly increased beyond compare.

For example, many times physician do not know why one subgroup of patients fares better than another subgroup when given any particular drug. In the case of treatment like chemotherapy, having this sort of granular knowledge as to why one patient reacts favorably and another does not can mean the difference between surviving five years and surviving five weeks.

It is for this reason that Eric Lefkofsky created Tempus. Through the collection and analysis of vast quantities of data, including those provided by the cheap sequencing of the human genome, Lefkofsky believes that the treatment of cancer will be completely revolutionized from the ground up and his Facebook.

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Aloha Construction is the Name to Trust for Home Repair in Lake Zurich

Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful and well-maintained home, but like everything else in this world, wear and tear are inevitable. While it’s a nice thought that we can maintain our homes in peak condition on our own, the truth is that there are times when that’s not possible. Damage repair, significant remodeling, and structural reconditioning are best left to the professionals, and in many municipalities, this is required by code.


If you live in the greater Illinois and Wisconsin areas, including Lake Zurich, and you have been affected by storm damage, or incidents which have left your home in need of repair, you should turn to Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction has been in business for over a decade and has been consistently named the best home repair company in the bi-state area. Their expertise is backed up by more than 18,000 completed repair jobs with satisfied customers raving about their quality dependability, and professionalism.


The success of Aloha Construction can, of course, be attributed to its excellent team of professional contractors, technicians, and support staff, but as with any winning team, competent and inspired leadership is vital. CEO Dave Farbaky works tirelessly to make sure that his team has the best possible talent, equipment, and materials to ensure that every job is done right the first time and to the customers high expectations. He has also applied his leadership skills and devotion to excellence to the running of the Dave Farbaky Foundation, a non-profit which holds an annual charitable event promoting random acts of kindness to those of need in the community.


It doesn’t matter if you are in need of gutters, roofing, siding, windows and doors, or full construction, you can count on Aloha for all your home repair needs. Aloha serves all the greater areas of Illinois and Wisconsin including Libertyville, and Lake Zurich. The company has a A+ BBB rating and has been family owned since its start. They partner with Synchrony Financial to help provide financing in house to their clients and pride themselves on being “for the people”. If you need home repair due to a storm or other incident, don’t wait a minute longer call Aloha construction today and get the high-quality service you need and deserve.

Securus Technologies Redefining Innovation in the Field of Crime Prevention and Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies is a name synonymous with innovation and modernization as it has completely transformed the correctional industry in the past three decades. The company has developed and launched many different products that were thought to be impossible earlier on, but Securus Technologies made it possible through its sheer determination to take the lead and modernize the correctional sphere. The company is amongst the oldest in the sector and has a pool of well-known industry experts on investigative technology, inmate communications, crime prevention technology, and more.
Securus Technologies has been able to make tremendous progress, especially in the last few years due to the rapid progress made by the company after it started its technology center in Dallas, Texas, where the company also has its headquarters. Rick Smith, Chief Executive Officer, of Securus Technologies welcomed the investors and the customers of the company at the technology center in Dallas. The invitation is meant to help people check out the progress made by the company’s scientific team in developing new age products and services for inmate communications, investigative technology, crime prevention, and more.
Over the years, Securus Technologies has won many awards in the industry, and one of the most prestigious awards that the company recently won is the Gold Stevie Awards. The company won the award for the best customer service after beating over two thousand other companies from across the globe. Moreover, the company managed to bag the award in this highly competitive category in the first time it participated, which showcases the high standards the company has been maintaining in serving its customers from the very beginning. Securus Technologies is hopeful about the research and development initiatives that are underway at the company’s Technology Center in Dallas. The company hopes to bring new, efficient, and economical products and services for inmate communications and crime prevention technology.

The Amazing Steps Sawyer Howitt Took To Become A Professional

Sawyer Howitt is a successful racquetball player who began playing as a kid. To become a professional racquetball player requires dedication and hard work. The work needed in this game is plenty that only few who attempt to, succeed. The common mistake people do, is fail to perform a complete research on the whole topic. One needs to examine themselves and get to know the reasons for wanting to become a professional.

Once an athlete has determined the reasons why they would want to play the game, then a plan is the next thing to develop. A program helps a person keep track of their training as well as have an active training session that brings long-term improvement. A good idea would be to work with a professional racquetballer to achieve success. Another step is to find an incredible coach to teach them and also keep them motivated. Most professional racquetball players had professional coaches at one point of their lives.


The next step is to become fit by doing the right workouts. To become a professional requires one to get into an excellent body shape. The body strength is needed when it comes to competitions with other professional to stand a chance of winning. People with the talent always underestimate the importance of workouts, without realizing they need to be physically fit. Patience is also required because getting into a good shape requires time and determination. After everything is put in place, daily court games are necessary to improve the skills. The experience is needed to reach a professional level. The final step is finding sponsors and jobs. Most people find it hard to practice full-time because they need to work other jobs. A promoter enables one full practice time, maximizing the time for getting the skill.

Sawyer Howitt followed those steps to become successful in the game. Currently, he works at the Meriwether Group as the project manager. He has worked for other companies such as KURE Juice Bar and RFID Checkout. In 2015 he was playing tournaments, but he is not active enough today. Sawyer is good enough to play men’s singles, men’s doubles, and even mixed doubles.

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The Reason for Seeking Stock Loans from Equities First Holdings

Getting liquidity can be expensive and challenging. Conventional investment institutions including banks offer an alternative source of lending; however, their loans come with high interest rates and strict rules. Thus, speed, flexibility, and efficiency are not common when it comes to matters of capital. That is the reason Equities First has taken the lead to offer an alternative wellspring of working capital for individuals and business proprietor investors and more information click here.

The leader in stock-based loans provides advances by using shared stock as security for a fixed period, which is normally three years. Borrowers from other organizations can benefit from the services. They just need to open the transaction with Equities First. For instance, if they possess stocks with Company X and have the belief that the stock will go up in value in the future, the borrowers may choose not to liquidate their positions at the said firm but transfer their shares as security to Equities First Holdings. After that, they will receive loans against their shares and its website.

One of the vital features of stock loan at Equities First is security for borrowers. For example, if stock in Company X appreciates within the loan term, borrowers retain 100% of their stock at the market value after maturing. Investors, likewise get more alluring terms, including minimal interest rates compared to what other financial vehicles provide what Equities First Holdings knows.

The company’s stock credits are also non-purpose, hence permitting borrowers to invest in projects of their choice. Whether the loans are used to develop the business, handling expensive debts, or personal objectives, clients enjoy more flexibility with their borrowed capital. According to Al Christy, the founder of the company, there has been a traction increment of getting stock loans due to the biting economic crisis. Stock-based loans are offering a better option to startup business and all potential investors. The company operates nine offices around the world with its headquarters in Indianapolis, United States. Nothing thrills Equities Finance than having victory in the issuance of stock loans while using shares as collateral.

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Ransomware From Rubica is the Answer to Thwart Pirate Hijackers

I couldn’t believe it. It was late afternoon and I had just decided to log onto my brokerage account and make some trades when the unthinkable happened. When I fired up my computer, an ominous message appeared on my screen I said that I needed to send $5,000 to a link if I ever wanted to see my investments again.


Of course I quickly called my broker before they closed and he told me that I was a victim of internet piracy, an up and coming profession among the shady skulkers in dark, back rooms (YahooNews). He gave me a phone number to call, and the people there were so knowledgeable and I did not have to pay my ransom.


Rubica is the company and they have specialized software that protects against ransomware. It is designed to stop people from hacking into your specific database, especially when it has something to do with financial dealings.


Once the ransomware prevention from Rubica was installed on my computer, I felt much safer. Evidently, the hacker was able to view my investment data, how I have no clue. Rubica keeps a constant watch over my system for inconsistencies in my data and traffic patterns, and then squelches any harmful programs coming into my computer.